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The Oasis network has long been on the list of projects with serious potential in the upcoming Bull market. With the latest innovations on Saphire (Oasis’s ecosystem), Oasis and its native token, ROSE, are attracting even more attention from many crypto investors. Recently, the first “Cross chain” exchange, Illuminex, and the first “meme” token on Oasis was launched. This only confirms that the popularity of this ecosystem is rapidly growing. In the following article, we will provide more information about Rose. So let’s get started.

Basics of the Oasis Network and the Rose Token

The Oasis Network is a blockchain platform representing a breakthrough in decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. It focuses on providing exceptional security, high privacy, and impressive scalability. This positions it as an innovative solution that surpasses some of the challenges other blockchain platforms face. Although the focus is on privacy, it’s essential to remember that the foundation of this project is the dedication to AI. However, this is done indirectly, unlike projects such as Render and Akash. Nevertheless, this is only additional value for the ROSE token and the entire ecosystem.


One of the critical technological characteristics of the Oasis Network is the concept of “ParaTimes.” It is used to enhance network performance, enable increased scalability, and ensure high security. Additionally, ParaTimes focuses on executing parallel operations within the Oasis Network. Their specific execution environments allow for the simultaneous processing of multiple computational operations or tasks. This approach results in improving the efficiency of the network itself. Through the use of parallel processing, the main goal is to overcome scalability challenges present in other blockchain platforms. This network also implements “TokenSwap” technology, which opens the doors to interoperability between different blockchain networks. This feature makes the Oasis Network exceptionally adaptable and interactive.

Goals of the Oasis Network

One of the critical goals of the Oasis Network is to support diverse applications. Ranging from financial to those requiring a high level of privacy. Additionally, the Oasis Network stands out with its focus on data security and user privacy, making it an attractive choice for applications requiring special protection.

There is no doubt that ROSE, as the native token of the Oasis Network, is one of the most promising projects in the upcoming Bull Market. The emphasis of Oasis and ROSE on privacy holds great potential. This is particularly relevant as the cryptocurrency market grows. There is an increasing need for security due to the rising number of hacker attacks on users’ online wallets. Moreover, centralized exchanges and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures have significantly undermined people’s wish to remain anonymous in the market. ROSE and Illuminex, as the first Oasis exchange, will attempt to restore shaken user privacy.

A considerable advantage of this network is the team behind the project, consisting of successful individuals with vast experience in this field. Oasis collaborates with many globally recognized IRL companies, such as Apple, Google, and Harvard. Additionally, Oasis’s partnership with META, represented by Mark Zuckerberg, owner of social media platforms Instagram and Facebook, provides significant potential for ROSE when META decides to enter the Web3 world.


ROSE, as the native token of the Oasis Network, was released in November 2020, with a total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens. At the moment, 67% of tokens are in circulation. The remaining coins are released into circulation linearly. So, there is no fear that a sudden increase in supply would jeopardize the token’s price. ROSE reached its maximum value in January 2022, when the price of one coin was $0.596, while the current price of the token is $0.11. Considering all the innovations this network offers, there is no doubt that in the upcoming Bull Run, we can expect ROSE to surpass its previous all-time high (ATH). Additionally, the current value of the entire Oasis market is around $760,000,000. This makes $ROSE the 106th largest currency in the cryptocurrency market.

IllumineX Exchange

IllumineX is a confidential “multi-chain” platform for decentralized exchanges built on Uniswap V2. Users can quickly transfer their assets and exchange tokens across different chains. All this is within a wholly decentralized and confidential environment, making the procedure much more straightforward than centralized exchanges. IllumineX’s vital confidentiality is enabled through its reliance on Oasis Sapphire, with this key component forming the basis of privacy and security.

Entering the IllumineX ecosystem allows tokens to be seamlessly transferred to the Oasis Sapphire layer. There, they are encapsulated into specialized confidential ERC20 tokens. These tokens are then grouped with other confidential assets. It provides a secure path to specific chains and addresses designated by the user. IllumineX achieves this through ParaTimes (a fully decentralized node on the Oasis Network). ParaTimes utilizes privacy-preserving technology, allowing users to share their data to earn revenue while maintaining complete confidentiality of information, which is crucial for the cryptocurrency market. This process paves the way for a new way of using Web 3, such as digital identity and private applications for metaverses on the blockchain.

IllumineX successfully conducts transactions between different chains, such as BNB, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and Oasis. Also, the roadmap includes integrating new EVM and non-EVM systems such as BTC and Monero.

$IX Token


This exchange launched its token $IX a few days ago, causing a frenzy right from the start. Although it might seem negative at first glance, the IllumineX exchange experienced system overload due to the high demand for $IX during the Public Sale. However, this is the best indicator of the demand for this token. The total supply of $IX is 100,000,000 tokens. With a well-organized release schedule over the next five years, ensuring the token’s price is not jeopardized.

However, it’s worth noting that an additional 30% of tokens will be unlocked in the first three months. This represents the only massive unlocking. After this, the growth will be pretty linear, and this data is crucial if you plan to invest in $IX for the long term. A few days after its release, the current price of this token is $0.40, which is a 9x increase compared to the price during the Public Sale.

Another advantage of IllumineX is the “multi-destination swap” feature. Here, you can split the swap/transfer product into multiple destinations with different amounts going to each address. Using multiple destination addresses increases the confidentiality of your transactions and represents another significant innovation in the cryptocurrency market.

Buying $IX tokens on Illuminex

The process of buying any token on the Illuminex exchange is quite simple. Anyone who has used Uniswap or any other decentralized exchange will know how to buy the desired token without any issues. However, for simplicity and speed, our advice is to hold funds in ROSE. We provide you with an example of buying $IX with ROSE tokens:

  • Add the Oasis Network to your Metamask with the following parameters:

Network name: Oasis Sapphire

Network URL: https://sapphire.oasis.io/

Chain ID: 23294

Currency symbol: ROSE

Block explorer URL: https://explorer.sapphire.oasis.io

  • Copy your Oasis network address and “paste” it into the Oasis Wallet from which you are sending tokens. Then, transfer the tokens.
  • Connect your Metamask to Illuminex via the official link on social media (https://illuminex.xyz/swap).
  • Choose ROSE as the currency you are sending and $IX as the currency you receive, then click “Swap.”
  • Congratulations, you have successfully purchased $IX tokens.

ROSY Token – the first meme token on the Sapphire (Oasis) network

It has become a tradition for every blockchain to have its own “meme” token. History has shown that the first token of this kind developed on a network always performs the best. On Oasis, that token is $ROSY, which was launched on the same day as Illuminex’s token. The total number of tokens is 10,000,000,000, much lower than classic “meme” coins with several hundred times higher supply, giving this currency potential right from the start.

However, the current complicating factor is that ROSY can only be purchased on Illuminex. Unfortunately, many crypto investors are not fully familiar with this exchange yet. However, this will undoubtedly change over time. A few days after its launch, this token had a price of $0.0003, around a $3,000,000 market cap, and enormous potential for growth. However, it should be noted that trading with this type of token is extremely risky. Trading with such tokens can be similar to gambling.

The procedure for purchasing $ROSY is identical to acquiring $IX. Of course, the best way to find the token is on the official Rosy website (rosytoken.com) or their Twitter account.


Undoubtedly, AI will be one of the main narratives for the upcoming period. Oasis Network continues to prove itself as one of the projects with the highest potential in the forthcoming Bull market. The development of an exchange where all fees are paid in ROSE tokens only justifies this further, as the token price has already tripled in the past few months. If they continue with quality operations, we can only expect further growth.

Moreover, $IX as the token of the IllumineX exchange also represents potential for growth, considering that the exchange has just started operating and that every new upgrade will only generate hype around the project. However, if you want to invest money in the Oasis ecosystem, we suggest that the highest percentage of your investment should be allocated to ROSE. Investing in the meme token $ROSY should be seen as gambling where you can lose money within a few hours.

Disclaimer: This informational text does not provide financial advice but represents market analysis by our experts, which we used to form our portfolio. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risks, including possible loss of capital. Before making investment decisions, carefully consider your personal financial goals, risk tolerance, and overall financial situation. Additionally, it is necessary to regularly monitor the latest information about cryptocurrencies and financial markets to stay informed about changes that may affect the value of your investment.

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