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Crypto games are gaining traction, and one layer-2 game is locking in more fee revenue than well-established games. Let’s dive headfirst into the world of Fantasy Top, the hottest fantasy football game. Read our detailed review and find out if it’s worth playing. Our team of experts thoroughly tested this game from multiple angles and came to a unique conclusion.

What is Fantasy Top?

Fantasy Top is something completely new on the game market. A genre that spans fantasy football and card games. This is a game based on the Ethereum platform that combines fantasy football and the intriguing world of NFTs. The game is launched on the layer-2 network and allows players to create teams of NFTs representing well-known accounts from the Crypto Twitter stage. Each card called a “hero,” gets points through the daily interaction of accounts they make on the Twitter social network. We have to admit that this is a very interesting approach that has not been seen before.

Since its inception, Fantasy Top has quickly risen to prominence, becoming the fifth most profitable crypto protocol according to DefiLlama, generating $9.31 million worth of ETH in a short time. The game’s innovative approach has attracted nearly 34,000 users, who have traded over $24 million worth of NFT cards in the first week alone. In comparison, only Bitcoin ($22.1 million), Ethereum ($21.6 million), the liquid staking protocol Lido ($18.2 million), and the decentralized exchange Uniswap ($15.9 million) earned more in fee revenue during this period. Over the past 24 hours, Fantasy Top ranks seventh with approximately $925,000 in revenue, trailing behind Tron and Solana for the daily figures.

How to Play?

Let’s start from the top. Before you start to play, you need to create an account. This can be done on the Fantasy Top platform. You must link your crypto wallet, as the game operates on the Ethereum blockchain. The core of Fantasy Top involves collecting NFT cards of prominent crypto influencers. These cards can be purchased from the in-game marketplace, earned through gameplay, or won in tournaments. Each card, known as a “hero,” represents a real-life influencer whose Twitter activity determines their performance in the game.

Next, you must select your Heroes strategically. Carefully assemble your team by selecting NFT cards from your collection. Each hero’s performance is based on their real-life social media engagement on Twitter, which includes likes, retweets, and comments. Creating an effective lineup is crucial. Consider the popularity and engagement level of each influencer when building your team. The goal is to maximize points by selecting influencers who are likely to have high engagement during the competition period.

As you can see, the gameplay is quite simple. Unlike other crypto games, such as move-to-earn, here, there are not too many things to do before starting your Fantasy Top adventure.

    Pro Tips

    Here, we will share with you some tips that will diversify you from the rest of the players:

    • Monitor Social Media Trends: Stay updated with the latest trends on Crypto Twitter. Influencers frequently in the news or part of trending topics tend to have higher engagement, which translates to better performance in the game.
    • Diversify Your Team: As in crypto, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your lineup with a mix of high-engagement influencers and rising stars. This strategy helps mitigate the risk of low performance from any single influencer.
    • Participate Actively: Engage in all available tournaments and competitions. The more you participate, the better your chances of earning rewards and climbing the leaderboard.
    • Upgrade Strategically: Focus on upgrading cards that consistently perform well. Upgraded cards enhance your team’s performance and increase in value, making them valuable assets in the marketplace.

    Is It Worth Playing Fantasy Top?

    Influencers on Fantasy Top earn a 1.5% fee from their NFT card‘s trading volume and 10% of all pack sale revenue. This model has fueled the platform’s rapid rise, attracting prominent figures like content creator Jenn Duong, meme coin trader Ansem, and Blast founder Pacman, who are among the top earners in the first week.

    Ansem, in particular, expressed confidence in the game’s potential, highlighting his $18,000 earnings in the inaugural week and emphasizing Fantasy Top’s accessibility for web2 creators. With its blend of engaging gameplay, influencer-driven dynamics, and lucrative incentives, Fantasy Top seems poised to continue its ascent in the thriving NFT landscape.

    Fantasy Top: Pros

    Here is what we loved about the game:

    • Innovative Concept: Fantasy Top merges the worlds of fantasy sports and crypto influencers, creating a unique and engaging experience. Players collect NFT cards representing prominent crypto personalities and earn points based on these influencers’ real-time Twitter engagement.
    • High Engagement: The game leverages the popularity of Crypto Twitter influencers, creating a strong community vibe. The influencers’ participation not only boosts the game’s visibility but also fosters a more interactive and engaging environment for players.
    • Revenue-Sharing Model: One of Fantasy Top’s standout features is its revenue-sharing model. Influencers depicted on the cards receive a share of the revenue from card pack sales and secondary market trades. This model incentivizes influencers to promote the game and engage with their audience, further driving the game’s popularity.
    • Strong Financial Performance: Within its first week, Fantasy Top became the fifth most profitable crypto protocol, generating over $9 million in revenue. This financial success underscores the game’s strong market appeal and robust user engagement​.

    Fantasy Top: Challenges

    And of course, as a new kid on the crypto block, Fantasy Top has encountered some challenges:

    • Bot Manipulation: One of the primary challenges Fantasy Top has faced is the manipulation of social media engagement by automated bots. This issue became apparent during the first in-game competition, leading to its premature end. The game’s reliance on real-world social media metrics makes it vulnerable to such exploitation, posing a significant challenge for maintaining fair play​.
    • Sustainability of Engagement: Maintaining consistent engagement from both players and influencers is crucial for the long-term success of Fantasy Top. The game’s model depends heavily on active participation from Crypto Twitter influencers and their followers. Ensuring ongoing interest and participation can be challenging, especially as the novelty wears off.
    • Market Volatility: As with any crypto-related venture, Fantasy Top is subject to the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies used within the game can affect player earnings and the overall economic stability of the game’s ecosystem.


    Fantasy Top has rapidly emerged as one of the most innovative and popular NFT games, blending the excitement of fantasy sports with the dynamic world of crypto influencers. This Ethereum-based game has captivated the crypto community with its unique concept of turning Crypto Twitter influencers into tradable NFT cards. Players create teams of these influencer cards, earning points based on real-time social media engagement.

    The game’s financial success is notable, with Fantasy Top becoming the fifth most profitable crypto protocol in its initial weeks, generating over $9 million in revenue. However, Fantasy Top faces challenges such as combating bot manipulation and maintaining sustainable engagement. Addressing these issues will be crucial for its long-term success. Despite these hurdles, the game’s innovative approach and strong market performance highlight its potential as a leading platform in the NFT gaming space.

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