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The new “Bitcoin halving” came, and we all know very well how important this event was in the past. Especially, considering that it unofficially marked the beginning of the “Bull” market. Due to all the positive information related to the crypto world lately, we believe that the next Bull will be one of the biggest in history. That is why it is necessary to prepare as well as possible for the coming period. First of all, we mean the purchase of cryptocurrencies that we believe have the potential for growth in the coming period. Today, we present to you the top 3 new tokens that did not exist in the previous Bull cycle.


Many experts say that choosing “new” projects is the right choice for two simple reasons. The first is that each new project will try to improve and cancel the shortcomings of its predecessor. Also, new projects do not have “selling pressure” on ATH from the previous bull market. This means that many investors who bought a currency at the peak of the previous cycle, at the highest possible price, are waiting for the value they invested to return to zero and to “withdraw” their money by reinvesting it in other currencies.

Projects created from 2022 onwards do not have this problem. The fact that the previous Bull did not show us the real ranges of these currencies gives us another reason that they can pump more in the coming period. For this reason, in the following text, we will analyze the currencies created after the previous Bull market. In our opinion, they have the potential for success:

Sui (SUI)

Token SUI

Sui is a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain designed for fast transaction processing at extremely low costs. It is adapted to support various applications. What makes it special compared to other L1 systems is the focus on immediate transaction completion, reduced latency, and increased speed of transactions. The total number of SUI tokens is 10,000,000,000, while only 1,100,000,000 of that amount are currently in circulation.

Sui is a project created by Mysten Labs at the beginning of May 2023. It attracted the attention of many crypto fans before its launch. So, it is not surprising that this currency had a lot of hype on social networks. However, given the situation that the market was in a “Bear” market during that period, a large number of early investors sold their “Airdropped” tokens. This caused a large drop in the price of this token. Although the price per token was around $1.30 at the time of SUI’s release, the value quickly fell to around $0.70. Later, the price of SUI fell to below fifty cents.

However, with the recovery of the market and important announcements about “staking,” the NFT market, and potential Airdrops, the value of SUI quickly returned to above $1$. At the moment, this token is in 47th place by Market Cap with still a lot of potential for growth.

The advantage of investing in SUI is that it is listed on all major exchanges, facilitating its purchase. At the time of writing, the value of the SUI token is $1.69. This is only 8% less than this cryptocurrency’s “All-time high” price.

Kaspa (KAS)

Token Kaspa

Although an increasing number of projects are opting for a PoS mechanism, Kaspa is a blockchain platform that has remained faithful to Satoshi Nakamoto’s work, preserving the first cryptocurrency’s fundamental aspects. These include mining, a deflationary economic model, and decentralized decision-making processes. Proof-of-Work (PoW) and integrate the blockDAG (Block Directed Acyclic Graph) architecture. It enables the existence of multiple blocks in parallel, thus solving the problem of high rejection rate in blockchain.

Kaspa was originally designed by research and development company DAGLabs, with investment support from PolyChain. However, Kaspa developed into a community project with no central management or business model. The founder of this project is Jonatan Sompelinski. He is a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University and a member of the MEV research team. Jonatan’s contribution to the blockchain field is significant. His work on the Ghost protocol, published in 2013, is cited in the Ethereum Whitepaper.

Many crypto enthusiasts see Kaspa as the successor to Bitcoin. This is also confirmed by the fact that this currency is in 37th place by Market Cap, with a market value of $2,320,000,000. The price of one token at the moment is $0.10. The great potential of this project is also given by the fact that they are not yet listed on any “Tier 1” exchange. We believe that, if and when this happens, it will cause a huge increase in the value of this currency.

Celestia (TIA)

Token TIA

Celestia is a modular blockchain network that provides infrastructure for developers to build and maintain blockchains. In particular, Celestia allows other chains to use it as a data availability layer and a consensus layer. When used as a data availability layer, blockchains can securely publish their transactions on Celestia. This allows their nodes to remain efficient in the growing blockchain. As a consensus layer, the network of Celestia nodes checks and validates the stored data.

Celestia’s main network became operational on October 31, 2023. It is considered the beginning of the “modular era” in the blockchain industry. The value of the TIA token, as a native token of the Celestia blockchain, was $2 upon release. Although many expected the token price to fall due to the large number of “Airdrops,” this did not happen. The reason should be sought in the fact that the “staking” of TIA tokens in the period after the release qualified the holders for rewards in the form of many new currencies released within the Celestia ecosystem. For this reason, it should come as no surprise that almost 49% of the total available tokens are currently locked.

This led to the price of TIA jumping to the current $16. There is no doubt that if they continue with this principle of rewarding the loyalty of holders, we can expect even greater growth of this currency. However, it should be noted that only 10% of all TIA coins are unlocked, and a large number of tokens will be unlocked at the end of October 2024.


Although there is no guarantee of any earnings and price growth in the crypto market, there is no doubt that all indicators show that we are approaching a new bull market. For this reason, it is necessary to position yourself well on the market. Also, monitor the price movement of tokens you believe can bring you profit. As we have already said, the advantage of new projects is that they do not have sales pressure. In addition, we still don’t know the upper limit to which I can go in Bullu. In fact, it all boils down to how much profit the holders will be satisfied with.

Disclaimer: It should be noted that this text does not represent financial advice. It is an analysis of tokens on the market, according to which the authors of this text created their portfolio. And finally, we will repeat, as in every text, that the crypto market is very unstable. Never invest more money than you are ready to lose. In addition, follow your feelings and always take profits. We believe that at the end of the Bull market, you will be satisfied with what you have achieved.

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