Eurosong 2024 – News, Favorites, and Odds

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 is set to be the 68th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. It is scheduled to take place in Malmö, Sweden.

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Although is primarily a crypto portal. But it has happened before that we dedicate an article to some of the current events. Undoubtedly, the EuroSong 2024 is one of them. This event represents the oldest European music competition held annually, where each European country has its representative. The first festival was held back in 1956 and has been repeated yearly. An exception was in 2020, when this competition was canceled due to the well-known COVID-19 virus.

Over the years, Eurovision has modified its format. Still, the “structure” of the competition has been retained since almost the first day. Ahead of this year’s competition, which will take place in Malmo from May 7th to 11th, we will provide you with a brief overview of the participants. Also, we will talk about the main favorites and what you can expect from this iconic music competition. Additionally, if you would like to bet on events like this, check out the best Eurovision betting sites that offer bets on this event.

Eurosong Contest – Competition System

The Eurovision Song Contest 2024 begins with two semi-final nights scheduled for May 7th and 9th. The first semi-final will feature 15 participants, while the second will have 16. The top ten selections based on the audience’s votes from both semi-finals will advance to the final night. The final is scheduled for May 11th. Then, Sweden will join them as the competition host and the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, as well as the “Big Five” of Europe, consisting of Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. These countries have also secured a direct spot in the final.

This principle has been slightly modified from previous years. The top countries of the prior year’s competition had direct qualification to the final night. Given the significance of these five major European countries, marketing could be considered a reason for this change. After the performances, each country votes in a live TV program, and the competition’s winner is the country with the highest total votes. It is also worth mentioning that the winning country will host the Eurovision for the following year. Of course, Eurosong betting sites are ready this year, as in previous years.

Participants of Eurovision

According to the initial rules of the competition, each European country should have its own representative. However, historical events have led to a different situation. For example, Romania has decided to refrain from participating in this competition for the second year in a row. Bosnia and Herzegovina have been under sanctions from the European Broadcasting Union since 2016. So, they will not participate in the Surosong 2024 competition.

On the other hand, Luxembourg will have its representative for the first time in 31 years. It is also worth noting that Australia has been competing in this festival for several years despite not being part of the European continent.

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 – Favorites

Eurosong competition has been accompanied by speculations about political interventions in recent years. Last year, bookies thought Ukrainian participant would triumph. But it turned out that these stories were not true. For example, last year, the battle for the winner was between Sweden and Finland. However, leading up to this year’s Eurovision, Ukrainians were once again long-time favorites for victory. This changed with the Croatian representative “Baby Lasagna” qualification to Eurovision. The song “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” is by far the top favorite to win this prestigious music competition.

Eurosong betting sites

This should not come as a surprise. Considering its catchy rhythm, exciting choreography, performance in English, and hints of “metal” music, which has often led to victory in the past. However, many would consider it atypical for such a competition. The best indicator of everyone’s confidence in Croatia’s win is that the odds for this song are 3.25. On the other hand, Ukraine’s victory is valued at odds of 6.50. Alongside these two countries, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium are at the top of the favorites list. But it’s worth noting that the odds are subject to change. It has often happened that a country emerges victorious despite not being at the top of the list before the start of the competition.


Considering the quality of the song by the Croatian representative Baby Lasagne and the buzz surrounding it on foreign portals lately, hopes are high. Although the odds are subject to change, the history of the Eurovision Contest has shown us that songs identified as significant favorites before the competition often emerge victorious. Everyone in Croatia would undoubtedly be thrilled if such a scenario were to unfold. Consequently, we eagerly await May to see if Zagreb will host the Eurovision in 2025.

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Which country has the most wins in the Eurovision Song Contest?

The leaders in terms of victories in the Eurovision Song Contest are Ireland and Sweden, each with seven triumphs, while France, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands share second place with five victories each.

Can you bet on the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Of course, many global and regional bookmakers already offer betting on the winner of this prestigious music competition. Some of them are Bet365, Unibet, Betfair, and many others.

Who is eligible to participate in the EuroSong Contest?

According to the competition rules, every country located within the territory of Europe has the right to participate in this festival. However, things are a bit different in practice, as, for example, Monaco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Andorra, and Slovakia are banned from participating due to sanctions imposed by the European Broadcasting Union.

Do the odds for the Eurosong 2024 winner change frequently?

Yes, the odds for Eurovision fluctuate quite a bit as the competition approaches. Factors such as the official announcement of all entries, performances in national selections, and how well the public reacts to songs can significantly impact the odds. Additionally, as the competition’s date draws near, bookmakers will start adjusting their odds based on new trends, fan favorites, and current betting patterns.

How is the representative for Eurovision chosen?

The answer to this question is individual and varies from country to country. Still, in most cases, the representative is chosen through a national selection process, the official competition for the Eurovision Song Contest. The national selection format is often similar to that of Eurovision itself, including voting systems, providing participants with an opportunity to experience what awaits them if they win.

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