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Big Time review 2024: The champion among RPG blockchain games.

  • Innovative Integration of Blockchain Technology
  • Compelling Game Mechanics
  • Community-Driven Economic Model
  • Play-to-earn
  • Accesibility
  • Learning Curve and Complexity
  • Repetitiveness
  • Cryptocurrency Market Volatility

A new generation of play-to-earn games has elevated the concept to a whole new level, introducing enhanced graphics and interactive gameplay. Among the standout examples is Big Time, an action RPG that has been consistently attracting a growing player base.

What is Big Time?

Big Time (BIGTIME) is a highly popular multiplayer RPG play-to-earn action game developed by Big Time Studios, hailed as one of the pioneering “AAA” titles in the blockchain gaming sphere. As a free-to-play offering, it melds rapid action with cooperative gameplay elements, drawing inspiration from iconic games such as God of War, World of Warcraft, and Diablo. In this adventure, players traverse time and space, encountering historical figures and events in an altered reality. The game boasts a unique, non-photorealistic and retro art style, ensuring its aesthetic appeal for the foreseeable future. 

Participants can collect, trade, and utilize distinctive items, cosmetics, and tokens to augment their characters and personal spaces. The SPACE feature stands out by enabling players to unleash their creativity and engage with the creator economy. Big Time presents five distinct zones, each offering a unique theme and level of difficulty. Beginners may start their journey in Rustling Forest and No Man’s Land, whereas the Wasteland introduces a higher level of challenge. For the most adept players, Icy Waste and Icy Castle await, populated with formidable monsters to provide the ultimate skill test.

Big Time has made significant advancements in the GameFi sector, achieving remarkable milestones, including surpassing $100 million in NFT sales, securing the title of the most played Web 3 game on Twitch, and receiving multiple awards. Its compelling gameplay, innovative economic model, and robust development team establish it as a potential pioneering force in the integration of blockchain technology into AAA gaming. Since its launch, the game has garnered considerable interest, evidenced by more than one million pre-registrations and a Discord community exceeding 500,000 members. Furthermore, the game has captured the attention of renowned streamers such as Brycent, The Buffessor, and Zachary Alexander Rice, a notable figure among Generation Z. 

How does it work?

The economy of Big Time is underpinned by a variety of elements and assets that play crucial roles in both the gameplay experience and the overarching economic dynamics. These include Time Machines, Time Keepers, Hour Glasses, Forges, and SPACE NFTs.

Time Machines

Time machines serve as a pivotal feature in Big Time, functioning as individual metaverses for players. Upon earning their first time machine, players gain access to a virtual space that can be customized and decorated according to their preferences. This space operates like a personal hub or starter home within the game, offering a venue for players to socialize with friends, organize meetings, and display their NFTs and other acquired treasures. 


The customization of time machines is significantly influenced by SPACE NFTs, which act as virtual land plots within the game, each providing various functions. Available in different rarities and sizes, these NFTs add unique dimensions to the time machines. By utilizing these NFTs, players can unlock new features and utilities in their time machines, including additional portals, extra rooms, and specialized crafting areas. 

Five SPACE NFT rarity levels are available: Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Exalted, each offering different levels of uniqueness. 

Time Keepers

In Big Time, Time Keepers are crucial figures who oversee the time elements within the game. They play a pivotal role in controlling the flow and utilization of one of the game’s most essential assets: the Hour Glass NFTs. These hourglasses are instrumental for accessing the game tokens that form the core of the game’s economic model. 

Hour Glass

Hour Glasses are critical objects in Big Time that significantly impact a player’s ability to engage with the game’s economy. By equipping an Hourglass, players unlock the opportunity to earn Big Time Tokens as they progress through the game. Without an Hourglass, players are unable to collect these essential tokens.


In Big Time, players can choose from 4 different character classes, each with its own unique abilities and gameplay:

  • Time Warrior
  • Chronomancer
  • Shadowblade 
  • Quantum Fixers
  • Battlemancer: a combination of Chronomancer and Time Warrior
  • TechBlade: a combination of ShadowBlade and Quantum Fixer

Big Time Vault

The Big Time Vault is more than just a normal storage space; it is a revolutionary feature that is changing the way blockchain games manage their assets. The vault is designed to manage in-game assets, especially those with high value, such as weapons, armour and other collectibles

How to play Big time?

There are a few basic steps you need to take to start the game:

  1. Getting access passes: there are various ways to get access to the Big Time game. You can get a Ruby Pass (for beta access) or buy a Space NFT for early access and in-game benefits. You can get them through giveaways on official channels or buy them on NFT marketplaces like OpenLoot and Opensea.
  1. Creating account and game setup: Once you have your pass, go to the Big Time website and create an account. To sign in, you’ll need to provide your Google account, choose a username, agree to the terms and conditions and set up two-step authentication for added security. Once you’ve created an account, download and install the game launcher.
  1. At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose one of four classes, each with unique abilities and play styles, which we have discussed in more detail above.
  1. A distinctive feature of Big Time is the Pocket Watch system, which facilitates seamless switching between classes. This increases the game’s flexibility and enhances your ability to adapt to various scenarios. Each Pocket Watch houses a separate character and inventory, enabling you to experiment with different play styles without the need to create new characters.
  1. Gameplay mechanics: As a gamer in “Big Time”, you have to travel through different eras and uncover the threat to the time structure. The game is set in a universe where you can fight in dungeons, complete quests and fight bosses. Teaming up with other players is particularly encouraged for dungeon encounters, enhancing the collaborative aspect of the experience.
  1. Earn by playing: The play-to-earn economy in Big Time revolves around chips and NFTs.


  • Innovative Integration of Blockchain Technology: “Big Time” seamlessly incorporates blockchain technology into its gameplay, introducing unique features such as NFTs and the $BIGTIME token. These elements not only enrich the gaming experience but also offer real economic value to the players’ in-game endeavors.
  • Compelling Game Mechanics: The game presents a rich multiplayer RPG experience, acclaimed for its captivating mechanics. The creative use of pocket watches to enable class flexibility, along with hourglasses for earning tokens, introduces additional depth and strategic elements to the gameplay.
  • Community-Driven Economic Model: “Big Time” employs a fair token launch model, avoiding initial coin offerings or preferential token allocations to investors or the development team. This strategy fosters a player-centric economy, enhancing the sense of community and equity among participants.
  • Play-to-earn: There’s nothing to add here, you can earn kirptovaluents by playing Big Time.
  • Accesibility: The game reduces the barrier to entry for players not versed in blockchain and NFTs by providing a user-friendly experience that eliminates the need for managing personal wallets or paying gas fees.


  • Learning Curve and Complexity: Although the integration of blockchain elements is innovative, it can introduce a steep learning curve for traditional gamers. A foundational understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is necessary to fully grasp the in-game economy and the mechanics of its currency system.
  • Repetitiveness: The game’s focus on a dark theme, combined with the absence of rewards for exploration, may lead to a monotonous gaming experience for some. This factor could impact the game’s long-term attractiveness and player retention negatively.
  • Cryptocurrency Market Volatility: The game’s economics are intricately tied to the fluctuating cryptocurrency markets. Such volatility can influence the value of in-game assets and tokens, potentially affecting the economic interests of players both within the game and in the real world.


Big Time, poised to be the premier AAA title in blockchain gaming, marks a significant advancement in the genre. Its combination of captivating gameplay, impressive visuals, and pioneering blockchain technology distinguishes it within the competitive gaming landscape. Although there is room for enhancement, especially regarding gameplay diversity and the mechanics of pocket watches, the game’s prowess in storytelling, artistic design, and cooperative gameplay positions it as a remarkable contribution to the blockchain gaming arena. The success of Big Time could herald the arrival of a new wave of blockchain games that prioritize not only monetization but also the quality of gameplay.


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